DeerSports® PCi

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Handcrafted with pride to uncompromising standards.

So cool, yet so warm. The incomparable Lee Parks Design DeerSports PCi gloves provide iconic good looks, legendary durability, and world-class performance and comfort in a crazy-wide temperature range (35°–75°F). They were the first motorcycle gloves on the market to feature the amazing Outlast phase-change lining. Being thin on the palm side allows them to feel almost like uninsulated gloves, and for those with heated grips, they actually absorb the heat and Outlast's conductive properties warm both sides of your hands, without burning your palms like unlined gloves can.

Not touch-screen capable.

Proudly made in the USA. 

NOTE: Prior to ordering, click on this Glove Size Chart to print off a sizing chart for your hands. These gloves run bigger than most brands, so don’t be alarmed if you’re either a small or medium in Lee Parks Design gloves.


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    Incredibly Comfortable

    Posted by Herb Chin on 13th Dec 2020

    I have owned many gloves from all the European manufacturers but could never find the perfect fit. The Deersports PCI's are far and away the most comfortable gloves I have ever owned.. They fit snug but not tight (strictly follow the sizing guidelines) and because they have no hard parts, there is none of the binding/pinching of armor or the need for elasticated panels to compensate. The deer and elk skin is just smooth and snug, and will actually stretch to fit. You might notice some of the reinforcement panels in slightly different spots for each glove but they do not affect the feel or function of the glove (I was ready to return them because of a few millimeters of variation but I could not get over how comfortable these gloves are). The Outlast really makes a difference too. I have heated grips and the PCI lining makes heated grips more useful because it helps spread the heat around the glove (not just hot palms). I highly recommend these gloves... they must be tried to be believed.... they are nothing like every other glove from the big European brands. As a bonus they are made in the USA!

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    leather gloves

    Posted by Dorothy on 12th Nov 2020

    They sure look hi-end. Beautiful leather and colors. These are a Christmas gift my son specifically asked for so I'm sure they will be a huge hit!

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    Cold weather gloves

    Posted by Jose on 6th Aug 2020

    Been using this brand since 2011. Best gloves I’ve ever owned & ones I use exclusively. All three styles I’ve purchased have fit perfectly, stood there test of time & ultimately led to another purchase of same brand. Highly recommended.

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    Quality and Durability

    Posted by Paul Scott on 26th May 2020

    These gloves I just purchased are my second pair of Deersports. In my opinion there is no other glove for me. I have about 60,000 miles on the original pair and with uncertain times I thought I better buy a new pair while I know I can. I ride every day for a commute to work plus weekend rides and vacations on my motorcycle. I have rain gloves but frequently get my Deersports wet as I don’t stop when the skies rain down on me. The flared gauntlet design of the glove fits over any jacket and provides wind protection and warmth. The seams are holding up and the gloves have broken in to fit my hands perfectly. I feel safe in these gloves as I can clench a fist with no resistance which increases grip strength when pulling my bike up onto the center stand. The fingers allow tactile feel of switches and are flexible enough to raise and lower a helmet visor as well as fasten a jacket neck closed while on the move. It took 45 years of riding to discover total quality and my ride experience is now a reflection of some serious research and development.

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    Damn Good Gloves

    Posted by Rowan Byers on 20th Apr 2020

    I'm a 10,000+ mile a year rider and I can tell you these gloves are gonna pump those numbers up. I'm coming from a pair of Joe Rocket insulated gloves that wore out at the seams. My first ride with these I was heading back down from the top of the mountain and realized I'd never even thought about my hands. The last time I'd rode that route, I had to stop and buy hand warmers to make it down without frostbite. Comfort is safety out there. Be safe.

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    Posted by Erik on 12th Feb 2020

    I had purchased the short version of these first but because I have wide hands but shorter fingers, the medium size that fits my fingers was not wide enough at wrist so I would struggle to put them on. I rode from San Diego to Lee Parks warehouse, I had nothing else going on that day, to try on different sizes. I ended up with the longer version still in medium, no problem putting them on anymore. I rode back home in 40ish degree weather without a problem, super comfortable and warm enough to not need a glove liner. Now I have these and the Sumo R's.

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    RIding Gloves

    Posted by Joseph P. Scavitto on 7th Nov 2019

    Very comfortable, warm in about 40 degree temp. Covers over jacket sleeve to keep cold air out and fastens very well so the gloves won't fall off.

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    DeerSports PCI

    Posted by Fred Taht on 30th Oct 2019

    Hands down, the best pair of gloves I've ever owned. Immediatley felt broken in, extremely comfortable and incredibly well made. Closest feel on the controls I've ever had with a gloves on. Would give six stars if they were touch screen capable.

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    DeerSports® PCi

    Posted by Quinten Garber on 12th Oct 2019

    I bought these gloves about one month ago. The gloves are comfortable BUT not worth $205.
    I normally wear size Xl. Using the measurement diagram I ordered size large. The right hand fits great BUT the left hand is a little looser causing it to move and bunch up a little.. this can be irritating. The Outlast lining seems to be just a slight bit better than Goretex. Also the lack of being waterproof is a pain in the a@@ when on a long distance tour and you do not want to pull over.
    I would NOT buy these gloves again for the price, I would maybe but them if it were in the $100-130 range.