DeerSports® PCi

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Handcrafted with pride to uncompromising standards.

So cool, yet so warm. The incomparable Lee Parks Design DeerSports PCi gloves provide iconic good looks, legendary durability, and world-class performance and comfort in a crazy-wide temperature range (35°–75°F). They were the first motorcycle gloves on the market to feature the amazing Outlast phase-change lining. Being thin on the palm side allows them to feel almost like uninsulated gloves, and for those with heated grips, they actually absorb the heat and Outlast's conductive properties warm both sides of your hands, without burning your palms like unlined gloves can.

Not touch-screen capable.

Proudly made in the USA. 

NOTE: Prior to ordering, click on this Glove Size Chart to print off a sizing chart for your hands. These gloves run bigger than most brands, so don’t be alarmed if you’re either a small or medium in Lee Parks Design gloves.


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    DeerSports® PCi

    Posted by Scott on 10th Nov 2021

    I bought these gloves for my wife's birthday. She already owns a pair of the DeerTours® and loves them, but with colder weather coming, she needed something warmer. I have a pair of DeerTours®, a pair of DeerSports® and a pair of DeerSports® PCi myself. All excellent gloves. I won't wear anything else.

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    Lee Parks Deer Sports PCI

    Posted by Raul Serrano on 9th Nov 2021

    This is my third pair of Lee Parks gloves. First ones with PCI liner, perfect for cooler weather. Still have the non lined for warmer riding.

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    2nd pair

    Posted by Rob on 20th Aug 2021

    These were my first what I consider at the time high end gear, still wearing my 10 year old pair!
    haven't done anything to care for them no conditioner no oil no nothing!
    The color is starting to fade, but the leather is still great.
    I have worn these almost everyday for 5 years commuting to work and on a few thousand mile trips. Rain, snow, and 120*s. they are comfortable down to the high 30's after that the liner isn't enough but I was able to ride through snowing weather for a couple hours with them.
    Bought a new pair just because I want new gloves.

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    Deersports PCI

    Posted by Guy P Larin on 19th Mar 2021

    I bought a pair of DeerTours several months ago and loved them. However, they're not quite warm enough for early Spring and late Autumn in Canada, so I "needed" a pair of Deersports PCIs to fit the bill. I have a pair of heated gloves, but these are much more comfortable and less bulky. Thanks for following your dream of a manufacturing a great motorcycle glove.

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    Expensive gloves

    Posted by Robert Cuttler on 10th Mar 2021

    I wore the gloves yesterday and today in temperatures ranging form 45 to 55 degrees. The gloves were no warmer than my thinsulate insulated gloves, but much more comfortable. I still have to try them in warmer weather. They are very well made and the large cuff a big positive in sealing the wrist area. For $100 I would say they're fanstastic, for $200 I say very comfortable but could be warmer.

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    Deer Sports PCI

    Posted by Bruce on 2nd Mar 2021

    Love these gloves. I have to remind myself to switch off, otherwise I would wear them everyday and not give them a rest. I am now ordering a pair for my wife.

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    Deersport pci

    Posted by bob parker on 17th Feb 2021

    I wish there was some way to try on B4 buying.

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    DeerSport PCI

    Posted by Bruce on 21st Jan 2021

    Received these gloves two weeks ago. Love them. I usually take a Large, and ordered both a large and a medium just to be sure. They are handmade and vary slightly, and so they sent me a second pair of mediums that worked out perfectly. I wore them around the house for 4 days to stretch them out and they now fit PERFECTLY! they have a soft comfortable lining, and with this insulation will be a great multi season glove. I only deal with weather in the 40’s, and have Oxford heated grips. The combo is very versatile and comfortable. I would definitely buy these again.
    Also, the office staff, Brittany, is great to work with. If you have ANY problems or questions, call her.

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    Ok, overpriced

    Posted by Matt on 12th Jan 2021

    The concept is good. Execution, not so much. The good: they are fairly warm while also being tactile. The outlast material is very nice. It is pretty adaptable, as reported, keeping you warm/cool. The leather seems to be very high quality. 35 Degrees is definitely stretching it, though. They aren't wind proof, so that is going to detract from the warmth quite a bit. The bad: Crazy seams. The combination of the outlast + leather creates a serious seam for your fingertip to contend with. It has broken in slightly, but it is ever present and noticeable. QUALITY CONTROL-I've gotten two pairs of different gloves from them, and they both had weird sizing inconsistencies. Strap too low and too long, index finger way too long on right glove, too much material in palm, etc. What makes it worse is that they don't respond to emails. I've tried to reach Lee Parks Designs via email on two separate occasions and I have never received any kind of response. Two hundred dollars is also pretty steep. Just about any other glove is going to be cheaper than this, aside from a fully armored race gauntlet. If I am going to pay a premium, I expect a premium product and premium service. I would steer clear unless 1) you aren't picky about how your gloves fit, 2) you don't mind returning multiple pairs, or 3) you live near their warehouse. I noticed that another reviewer was able to go the their stock warehouse to try gloves on after he was having fit problems. That is the only way I would buy another pair. There are way too many good options out there to deal with the headache.