DeerTours® PCi Black

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So cool, yet so warm. The incomparable Lee Parks Design DeerTours PCi gloves provide iconic good looks, legendary durability, and world-class performance and comfort in a crazy-wide temperature range (40°–75°F). They were the first motorcycle gloves on the market to feature the amazing Outlast phase-change lining. Being thin on the palm side allows them to feel almost like uninsulated gloves, and for those with heated grips, they actually absorb the heat and Outlast's conductive properties warm both sides of your hands, without burning your palms like unlined gloves can.

Not touch-screen capable.

Proudly made in the USA. 

NOTE: Prior to ordering, click on this Glove Size Chart to print off a sizing chart for your hands. These gloves run bigger than most brands, so don’t be alarmed if you’re either a small or medium in Lee Parks Design gloves.


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  • 5
    Great gloves!

    Posted by Keith Brooks on 27th Mar 2024

    I waited a long time to make a Lee Parks purchase. So glad I did now. I look forward to many years of service out of these gloves.

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    Deer Tours PCI

    Posted by AC on 28th Feb 2024

    I have a pair of the Deer Sport PCI and love them, but wanted something without such a huge gauntlet. I haven't actually worn the Deer Tours on a ride, but if they are as warm as the Deer Sports, I'll be happy. I have wide palms with shorter fingers so the mediums were a must for the finger length. The opening on the glove is really tight if you have wide palms, but hopefully they will loosen up a bit with wear. Going up a size is not an option as the fingers would be too long.

  • 3

    Posted by Randall Jacobs on 10th Apr 2023

    This is my second pair. My first wore out after 3 years. The new ones, which I ordered the same size, have a liner which makes the gloves feel much tighter. This was an unexpected surprise. I hope that these will wear in or I will be sending them back

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    Best in class

    Posted by John Kirby on 2nd Jan 2022

    I have a pair of these but the Sports. With my new jacket, I cannot use the gauntlet cuff. These fit the bill so far. I did not want to go with heated gloves so the PCI gloves were a very good alternative. I have a pair of regular Tours and went with medium ( I usually wear XL). After a break-in period they were wonderful. The PCI in medium just never did stretch good enough to fit my fingers length wise. Large will seem to be a great fit after the break in period. These are very warm gloves, but as I have not had them for any multi hour rides, I cannot comment. With the smaller size that never fit my finger length, the tips of my fingers would get very cool. I feel these will be better. So just from my experience, if you already have the regular summer weight gloves, go one size up with the PCI's.

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    DeerTours PCI in XL

    Posted by Doug on 6th Dec 2021

    Impressed, but 4 stars for 3 reasons; 1) cuff should be .5 inch longer for cooler weather without being forced to go to the long gauntlet version, 2) a single touch screen finger, say index on clutch hand, would be convenient, 3) for better wear, a layer of elk skin could be added to the lever-contact areas of the index and middle fingers on both hands; this would also better limit the cold temp of the levers from reaching the fingers.

    Thank you, Lee Parks, for a minimalist product of good materials, good construction and good function.

    Finally, I would have preferred an outseam version, but I understand the Outlast insulation may prohibit this.
    Ultimately, as is and without knowing production costs, I feel this glove should be priced about 30% lower. That said, with minimal protest I would buy again. I have just installed Grip Puppies over my heated grips, and appreciate how these gloves work in this context in mid 30's to low 40's Fahrenheit.

  • 5

    Posted by Brad on 28th Jun 2021

    My wife absolutely loves them best clothes she's ever tried much at all whether glove in American made

  • 5
    Quality and durability

    Posted by Mike McClung on 18th Jun 2021

    Best gloves I've ever had. The set I just ordered are replacing a set that I bought in 2013. I would still be wearing them but had an accident where I was rear ended and the gloves were pretty badly scuffed up, not worn through, but scuffed badly and the impact with the pavement tore the liner loose in one finger. The PCi insulation really works, I've worn these in every temperature condition, they are cool enough for summer riding in Texas and I've never had cold hands in freezing conditions, and they work well with heated grips. The insulation layer is thin and still affords great dexterity and operation of controls. Lee hit a home run with these in my book.

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    Deer Tours PCi in XS

    Posted by T Lee on 15th Apr 2021

    Coming from the glove-less lifestyle and jumping from type to type to figure out what works best has been a long road and unfortunately I don’t believe my journey has been completed. I started with some Fox Racing gloves and needed something warmer. Then to Amazon for some $20 Raider (not the team) gloves for cold weather. These are very warm but not fitted at all. Then some $40 knuckle protection gloves that fit very well, but not warm enough. Finally after some internet digging I settled on the Deer Tours. I worn these gloves for about 15 rides in temps hovering around the low 50’s and my fingers can’t stay warm. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman or these gloves just don’t cut the wind chill.
    Either way, they are very comfortable, just not very warm when I need them.

  • 5
    Deer Tours

    Posted by Scott Williams on 2nd Apr 2021

    These will be a gift for my wife. After a recent low slide event my Deer Tours performed admirably so now she is convinced. Comfortable and warm (ok caveat, I'm riding in Australia) seriously, I would not consider any other.