Psi Pro® Tire Pressure Gauge (Gen 1) **CLOSEOUT**

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The Pressure is on. The hard-bodied Psi Pro Tire Pressure Gauge from Lee Parks Design is ruggedly handsome in its black, full-metal jacket and distinguished by a unique, flat-topped, 90-degree head. It's guaranteed accurate to +/- 1 psi and warrantied for five years. 

Unlike common automotive gauges' round, angled heads that are tough to position around motorcycle brake discs and spokes, the PSI Pro's flat-headed design easily mates with tire valve stems, then held flat. This perpendicular orientation allows easier maneuvering in tight spaces and ensures better engagement, so less air escapes and readings are more accurate.

Made in America, this pro-level tool’s durable, texture-coated brass body, unique, 90-degree, steel air chuck and commercial-grade guts set it apart from the round-headed, pencil-necked import crowd.

Guaranteed accurate throughout its 5–50-pound range, the Psi Pro is ideal for high-pressure street bike, kart, truck and car tires, as well as low-pressure off-road motorcycle, UTV and ATV tires. Whether pounding pavement or roosting dirt, properly inflated tires deliver better acceleration, handling and braking performance, extend their lifespans, promote better fuel mileage and provide safer operation.

Metal Head
Psi Pro’s contrasting, nickel-plated metal head’s shape isn’t just for show. The 90-degree design enables it to efficiently engage with tire valve stems in hard-to-reach places, even if they’re mounted at awkward angles that leave little room to maneuver. Once the air chuck is positioned, its five grip rings help hold the head in place, and the flat top allows firm application of downward force on the valve stem. These key features promote even, secure engagement, which results in more accurate measurement and less pressure loss—at any angle—than common gauges’ outdated, round heads.

Get a Grip
Great hand tool design is defined by the instrument’s feel when in use. The 1.4-oz. Psi Pro’s perfect weight balance, distinct form and grippy finish make it an ergonomic masterpiece. In addition to giving this precision tool a pro-level look, the body’s textured finish provides grip, feedback and durability unmatched by other metal or plastic gauges.

Hard Body
Under that tough, industrial-grade exterior coating is a sturdy, 5.5-inch-long metal body, clamped by a convenient pocket clip. Inside the Psi Pro’s brass 0.5-inch-wide pressure tube is a tightly sealed piston that moves through a proprietary lubricant and pushes on a finely calibrated steel spring. Once engaged with a valve stem and filled with incoming air, the spring-loaded, 3-inch long, nylon indicator bar emerges. The four-sided, white rod has contrasting black numbers imprinted on each side—precisely spaced in one-pound increments—making tire pressure easy to read from any angle. When the 90-degree head is disengaged from valve stems, this self-retracting indicator bar enables quick on-the-fly readings.

Right On
Before leaving the factory, every Psi Pro gauge undergoes pressure testing and rigorous quality control checks. This attention to detail gives Lee Parks Design the confidence to guarantee its accuracy to within a one-pound range and provide an industry-leading five-year warranty.