First Turn Coffee Co. Infinity Blend

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Coffee nerds unite! Like many of you, we enjoy coffee in its many incarnations. This quasi-addiction, along with a shortage of truly connoisseur-quality coffee in the marketplace has spurred yet another business endeavor: First Turn Coffee Co. Inspired by the drive of every competitor to lead into the first turn, First Turn Coffee Co.’s ethos was forged in the battles of AMA and WERA motorcycle competition by its Roastmaster—National Road Racing Champion Lee Parks.

With an exceptional hot-air roaster, we are able to custom create microbatches to control quality and consistency in a way many larger roasters cannot. After a lifetime of often disappointing experiences as consumers plus a year of R&D to perfect the formula, we’re proud to announce our first custom-roasted coffee: Infinity Blend. It is a bold blend of beans from both Latin America and Africa.

Infinity Blend has tasting notes of chocolate and dried fruits with a light citrus zest. This amazing coffee is unique in that it combines abundant flavor with an impossibly smooth finish, especially if you’re used to Starbucks often burnt beans. It can be enjoyed black, sweetened, as an espresso, latte or Lee’s personal favorite: in a bone dry cappuccino. Regular drip systems, pour-overs, French presses, percolators, cold brews and dedicated espresso machines all have great results with this versatile blend. Just make sure you follow the grinding recommendations of your preferred method.

Even if you don’t drink coffee yourself, First Turn Coffee Co. Infinity Blend makes a perfect gift for newbies and coffee connoisseurs alike.

12 oz/package