Cam Buckle Tie Downs

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All tied up with nowhere to go. Lee Parks Design’s signature tie-downs are a must for protecting your ride when transporting it in a truck or trailer. Incredibly strong 4500-lb. 1″ wide by 7′ long webbing is precision sewn to a 3/8″ zinc-plated carabiner (so it can’t accidentally open), which is rated to 1600 lbs. on the one end. A burley 3/8″ coated “S” hook rated to 2500 lbs. is on the other with a built-in soft-tie so you’ll never forget it. Of course, the money-maker in these tie downs are their heavy-duty cam buckles that are rated to 1800 lbs. We’ve been using and abusing these tie-downs for over a decade and they continue to impress us with their reliability and durability. Don’t risk losing hold of your pride and joy with imported tie-downs that are made with cheap materials and shoddy workmanship. Achieve peace of mind with Lee Parks Design’s premium solution. Priced as a pair.



Proudly made in the USA.